Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My week of lame

(i know it's Tuesday... I totally forgot to hit publish instead of save Sunday! whoops! so just pretend its Sunday still :)

What did I do this week? I finished the catio my dad made/provided supplied for my birthday while he hung out with the kiddo. (I promise photos once the weather provides some nice light :)

 I had planned on being done with a friends birthday present, but I got a case of mom brain and did it totally wrong!! So frustrating, as it was the roughest (or so I thought) part of the project. I'd been done too, except I'm doing handles instead of dowels and adding some other fun things to the design. What is it you ask? Well, when it's done I'll show you! :) (for fear the recipient might stumble across this page, but who am I kidding really? Kenna, your the only consistent one reading this thang)

I also started another birthday present this week that I will hopefully get done in time ( these birthdays are on the 30th and 31st btw). This one is knitting, so it's been a bit easier squeezing in a stitch or two while nursing or when she naps (which has been a battle this week, let me tell you. Apparently there is no better bed than mom) but still. What do you think of the colors?

Oh! And one more thing to round out this random post, I finally got around to taking photos of the gloves I made my mom for her birthday last year! I plan on releasing the pattern soon (my first one!!!) and if it goes well you may see more of my designs in the future… A girl can dream though! :p

ps: I sold 3 things!!! So excited about that! So it will push those presents back a bit, because money makers take precedent!

Hope you had a wonderful week!! :)

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