Monday, March 17, 2014

Sewing machine cover complete!

This has been a dragging project for me, not because I didn't like making it (I quite enjoyed myself actually) but because it was sewn a seam here a seam there for WEEKS!! Ugh, I could have finished it in an afternoon, but I rarely get more than 15 isolated minutes to myself (I blame the butterball sleeping right now) but it's not just her- I have the cat and dog to blame too, I still have to shower them with love lest they think I've forgotten about them. Whatever, here's what you care about:

I'm so happy with how it turned out!! I really enjoyed the paper pieces portions too, I see more of that in my future I think!  But alas, this cover is not perfect. For one thing I screwed up my measurements (or ignored the bias completely… probably both). For I  a lazy sewer, often neglecting my iron and trying to cut shapes with out patterns… oh well. 

Anything I would do different? Remember I bought a paper pattern for this years ago and use that instead of winging it.

See that? Not long enough.

Same deal here, but I also sewed the extender I made to the wrong side… and didn't fix it. It's on the lining and really, no ones looking but me. It would have been a different story if this was a gift but it isn't so I don't care. I'm just happy it's finished!

And since we all love a good photo of others craft space, here's a few shots of my miserable excuse for a sewing station:

We moved in November, but I'm still unpacking. I mostly just don't know where all that crap is going to go. I do have some plans… perhaps if my scheming comes to pass I will update you in the future?

What do you think? Ever have projects turn out different than you plan but you still love them?

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