Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Getaway Pillow

So this past week I finished my first ever quilt project! I have pieces in the past (remember my sewing machine cover?) but I've never actually gone the extra mile to actually quilt it. I did this time; with batting and a backing and everything!!

I used this pattern/tutorial from Art Gallery Fabrics blog, and I not only enjoyed it but found it easy. 

It looks a little old fashion for my personal tastes (the fabric is vintage; I snagged it from a friends grandmas stash ages ago) but I love it all the same. And it helped me go through my unused stash of fabrics, so bonus there!!

I still needed to wash it to get rid of the marks I made to help me sew a straight line (I stitched in the ditch/ echoed the lines of the design) but I've gotten several complements on it this past week as it sits on my couch! Whoo!

Now I only have 3 more pillow shams to go to cover my throw pillows for the couch!

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