Sunday, May 4, 2014

Taking a step back

Life with a baby is something entirely different. Add a dog, a cat and. Husband to that equation (as well as returning to work) is enough to feel a little overwhelmed. And unfortunately the hubs has felt it the worse, what with working 2-3 jobs a week in addition to going to school. He is also my main support, so when I'm unhappy he usually feels it. That being said I'm going to give myself some slack in certain areas in order to try and lighten his load.

I'm a terrible housewife, but if I want to stay with my chickadee instead of sending her to daycare I have to step up some traditional duties or swallow my parental instincts and entrust the care of my lil'gal to a stranger. Since neither of us want that, and basically half of what is make full time would go to her care, and  what I'll make part time will be roughly equivalent to the other half of full time pay that would be taken home, we've decided that I'm going to stay part time. And because I don't foresee myself being that awesome at a full time job followed by 2 part time jobs (even though John has rocked that routine like a champ) I'm going to be taking my shop down at the beginning of summer. 

I have no idea when it will reopen, but when it does there will be some changes. 
I'm not sure what direction I'll head in, but I'm sure the current one I've taken isn't for me. Sure that stuff I make is cute, but I don't feel likes it's my life's work. While I don't see geekery leaving my life ever, it certainly doesn't rule it either. I've felt like this way before I even opened MegaWench Workshop, so that I think has a lot to do with my success (or lack thereof)

I'm hoping a real break will clear my head, make clear my priorities (as far as creating) and when I come back I will have focus and purpose instead of just hoping for the best. I thank those who have given me their patronage and support, and I hope to see you in the future!!

And on that note, I plan to continue blogging once a week (possibly more when I get better at time management) and letting you in on what I'm working on, because let's face it, I'll probably always have a project (or a few) going on at any given time, it's just who I am. On top of that I need to refine my style and find my voice as far as writing goes.

PS: I will continue to do commission work (if you email me with what you want, I'll do my best to make it) 

PPS: I really finished my sweater! For reals! Look I have proof! (Note it's frumpiness) Begin photo on slot!

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