Sunday, April 27, 2014

My week in photos

You can see what I'm up to during the week on Instagram (as long as you don't mind a cute baby or dog or cat thrown in there occasionally.)

I finished the words on my Hypnotoad cross stitch.

I started the "black work" I decided to do last minute as well. Not convinced I like the color scheme so far.

I really, really finished my sweater, for reals. That's it blocking.

You can't really tell here, but it is FRUMPY. My groodness, so much frump! I'm hoping it will shrink a bit with blocking, but I'm not holding my breath. :/

I'm in the process of getting some new items ready for my shop... I'm kinda excited for it! I hope people like them as much as me!

I made some brooches! I have some fine tuning, but I'm hoping to have them in the shop by next friday. :)

What have you done this week?

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