Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Scarf for Whit

I have been pretty much exclusively making presents for my friends and family  for nearly a decade now. My skills have vastly improved since my beginnings crocheting scarves for all my fitness in high school. That being said, I know that my taste and choices for gifts aren't always on par with the recipients. It's a game of chance making instead of buying, there are no returns or exchanges and there's the added knowledge that the gifted spent hours if not days weeks or months salving away on your gift. It's intimidating. And I know I get it wrong a lot. There are a few people I have no problems finding things to make for- my brother and husband wears holes in the socks I make for them. My mom has her scarves on. Seasonal rotation. I've given up on my dad, but he's impossible to shop for too so that's a wash. Then there are my friends. I know I'm always a color or pattern choice away from something they will love or put on that fake smile and say/ "wow, how neat!" (You know you've done it too)

We'll, I think I nailed it this time. I decided to ask what Peoria wanted this year (not the first, but I usually get: "oh you know what I like." (No I don't, I wouldn't be asking if I did!) and this particular birthday girl said "I want something like a scarf or hat so I can wear your art!" Well, I made her a hat before but I will admit that 'art' is not an adjective that applies to it. And so I decided against what I initially was going to make her (which I now may make for myself because I like weird nerdy things) and did as asked, and I think I nailed it!

And I'm glad I did because I love the pattern and yarn so much I may make one for all my other friends too! I picked a stitch from my stitch book (which I almost changed because it's been a rather warm winter and I was afraid it wouldn't get much use) and I am in love with the effect! It almost looks like cables, but it's only knit and purl stitches. And it was So. Easy. I mean really easy. I could knit in the dark! (Which was nice since a little someone won't go to bed if it's not dark) and it took me less than an hour a night for roughly a week. Which is how long I had to get it done, since I started knitting it so late.
And that yarn! It's nothing fancy, Simply Soft in Harlyquin I bought at Michael's. But let me tell you, it's so soft and cozy and that COLOR! I fell in love when I saw it and knew I would make something out of it. And since it's acrylic I can be sure that of she tosses it in the wash and dryer it will not be ruined! And I have to say, I think I hit the 'art' part on the mark!

I also did something I usually don't do- I added a crochet border.  I think that if I had used a rib or other border on it it wouldn't have turned out so nice. It adds a bit of fancyness without taking away from the beautiful simplicity of the stitch!(at least I think so) I think I'm going to try and turn this into a pattern (I have a few knots I want to do that to) and see how that goes!

What do you think? Anything turn out surprisingly good/easy/beautiful for you? 

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