Sunday, February 2, 2014

Project 365

Have you heard of this? Me either. Not until after I started my temperature scarf. What I like about this is that if I fall behind its easy to play catch up. It's only 2 rows a day over 30 stitches, so I takes all of 5 min! Go me! :) 

Anyway, with Project365 you basically commit to doing something everyday for a year, hence the 365. Most people decide the start theirs in the 1st of the year or sometime in January (at least from what I gather skeezing about on Instagram using the #project365 hash tag and Pinterest project 365) and take photos or do something photo related. I decided to start mine with my wee one's birthday.

Here is what 12/13-12/31 looks like:


  1. What's a temperature scarf? Is that a certain patter, or is it extra warm, maybe? Miss you, by the way!

    1. A temperature scarf is where you knit a row a day based on the high temperature for the day. By the end of the yer I will have a scarf!