Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Projects for this year

Since having a baby (really, since being preggos, so almost at a year) I've been in a crafting funk. Oh, I've managed to slog through some projects for birthdays and Christmas gifts (I do not look forward to the Christmas where I run out of things to knit for my brother) but other than that, I've had little-to-no desire to knit, crochet or sew (cross stitching on the other hand has been very attractive this year). So now that the wee one is over a month old and slightly more predictable, I have the itch to get creating! I made something just the other day that I'm proud of:
I need some protection for my phone so this geekery was improvised based on some photos I saw, and I am super happy with how it turned out! If when I reopen my etsy shop this will likely make an appearance as something to purchase, whether as a pattern or physical item (or both) shall be determined by my boss baby. 

So, what am I doing to get back into the crafty mojo? We'll, besides desperately wanting to join the Fairy Tale stitch-a-along (May or May not join late…) I have decided on 2 things to get me going (which also coincide with my resolution to destash my yarn…)

1: I am going to do a temperature project. (Like here and here) I am in the process of yarn selection and will get caught up when I feel like it.

2: Granny square a day. (Like here) Basically, pick a different set of yarn and pattern each day until I run out of one or another or have enough to make something out of it. I will not be putting a specific time frame on it, because let's be honest, as a first time mom to a human I have learned in the past month to play by ear. Time frames mean nothing to my chunkers so why set myself up for disappointment?

That being said, this should hopefully give me fodder to blog about. And while it my only be photos most (all) the time, if your anything like me that's Pl you care about anyway!

So what are you up to? Any KAL/CAL/SALs your working on? Or maybe you'd care to join me in my projects? :)

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