Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just checking in…

This job is kicking my butt this year. I can't seem to recover from it enough to have the energy to do anything besides surf the web. :/ and I'm not sleeping so well anymore, oh and I've had some pretty awesome abdominal cramps the past week or so, resulting in my belly expanding at quite a rapid rate. Le sigh…

My husband on the other hand, is through the roof about this baby! We found out last week were getting what he wanted, a girl, and he hasn't been able to keep his hands if my stomach. It's really adorable, exempt that its hot and we don't have AC. 

I'm still holding out hope that I will regain the drive to craft, but alas, I fear it may be a long way off… to dream. 

Hope your summers going well! I see you sometime in the future! (And so will this guy :)

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