Sunday, June 16, 2013

June Up-date: Resolutions!!!

 (PST! Don't forget I would love to hear from you about your own goals (resolution or not) and your progress as well, so that we can help each other stick to it!)
So here it is, my list of things I want to accomplish this year and how I am going about it. Here is how I'm doing so far:

  • Knit a sweater
Soooo...... I'm trying. I really am. But I am into that part of a project where you just can't stand it any more! The rows take forever!! (no not really, but with my attention span lately it seems like it...) I am getting a bit in here and there, I just cant seem to sit down and plow through it like I was when I started. 

  • Get this blog consistent traffic
HA! This seems like a joke to me now.... with all the things going on in my life at the moment this blog just isn't a priority. I really want it to be, but alas, I have a lot of wants. I'm not looking at it as giving up just quite yet, but putting it on hold until other things are smoothed out.

  • Sell 6 projects on Esty or elsewhere  DONE!
Yay! And I managed another sale! And with what little effort I've put in it makes me happy that the store is doing fine without my constant supervision. (Although it would probably do better if I ever introduced the new items I keep promising myself I will make...)

  • Learn to cross stitch
Sooo.... that stitch-a-long turned out to be uninteresting. Boo. Not to despair! That friend I mentioned last month is still trying to wine and dine me into her fold. So we shall see.

  • Buy a car
Instead we're going to play musical chairs with my parents. The chairs being the drivers seat in our cars. And no, we don't know how it's going to play out yet because the music hasn't started.

  • Help patrons in Spanish
FAIL. I haven't touched it in months.... but now that I am back in a predominantly Spanish speaking area again (did I mention I got quasi-promoted?) I have a renewed sense of urgency in this department.

  • Schedule my time effectively 
Hilarious! I wish I could laugh in my face when I wrote that in February!
  • Get back in "working order"
Not in my future. We can't even seem to keep on our dishes let alone in 'working order.' Alas, this has been relegated to me 'wants' list.

Not so impressive. It seems the year is catching up to me... I haven't given up on any of them yet, I'm going to call it 'prioritizing' that way it sounds like I'm being efficient. :)

How are you doing on your goals? Are you 'prioritizing' like me?

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