Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patricks day!

Having a wonderfully green day? It all overcast where I'm at, so it's not such a Sunday Funday for me, not terrible either mind you, it's still early! But so far I've done nothing but chores (I vacuumed EVERYTHING this morning) and other things I've been putting off this past week. My mind is a big jumbled mess today, so I was hoping cleaning the house would also 'clean' my brain as it were.  I just finished making 1/3 of a HST project square (and realized why I don't like quilting) and will be taking a lunch break soon. But I wanted to say a quick 'hi' before I got lost in knitting and other shenanigans!

Secret birthday project, who is it for? You'll just have to wait to find out!

These fools 'helped' me sleep in this morning, not that I needed any help. They have finally decided that it's safe to come out of the bedroom. (Neither are fans of the vacuums)

And the project I am working on for my hubby today, since he is addicted to working now. He filled his whole weekend up and then realized this morning that his models weren't primed even though he they have an appointment to be painted later today! So being the loving wife I am I said I would prime them for him. I tell you, it's terribly hard spray painting these guys (not).
And here is my wee bit-o-green! If promises of going out later are fulfilled, I will also 'dorn some green clothing, but for now (and with other holidays) my nails will speak for me! 

Have a wonderful Sunday! Have some green beer for me everyone!

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