Friday, March 1, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Yes I know it's a while since we all made (or didn't make) our resolutions for the New Year. But I want to start a little feature here where I update you as to my progress on all the resolutions I make (which don't necessarily coincide with the new year.) Every month or so I will update you to my progress and thus hopefully make me accountable! I would love to hear from you about your own goals (resolution or not) and your progress as well, so that we can help each other stick to it! So here it is, my list of things I want to accomplish this year and how I am planning to do it:

  • Knit a sweater
I do indeed plan on knitting my first ever sweater! I've put it off for years, but I am determined that this is the one in which it will happen! I have already chosen & bought the pattern I will use and am currently decided what colorway I will use in what type of yarn! Feel free to share your thoughts, I am super excited to get going and plan to purchase the yarn and any extras I need after my birthday! (next monday :)
  • Get this blog consistent traffic
Easier said than done, yes? I haven't quite figured out how, so my current step for this one is to scheme and map out my plan of attack!
  • Sell 6 projects on Esty or elsewhere 
Last year I sold 3 projects I made! All to friends and co-workers, but sales they were! I've already made 1 sale this year, so doubling last years business doesn't sound too farfetched, in fact I may be underachieving this goal. We'll see, and I'll adjust as needed. :)
  • Learn to cross stitch
Simple, right? It is also something I've wanted to do for years, and I plan to wait no more! I have a few patterns in mind... But I keep looking at them and thinking embroidery! Time to shift some paradigms I suppose.
  • Buy a car
This is a must have. Both my hubs and I have to upgrade before smog again. We currently have a savings plan I concocted using Suze Ormans book: The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke! ( I LOVED it by the way)
  • Help patrons in Spanish
Already bought Rosetta Stone, all I have to do now is load it on my lappy and follow instructions! ( also on hold until post-birthday)
  • Schedule my time effectively
As must as I read how to do it right, it still eludes me. I feel this is something that I will be working on well past the next New Year.
  • Get back in working order
This is in line with scheduling my time effectively. I am not good at being my own boss. But I still remember my college days when I seemed to have my week planned before me with not a moment unfilled. I am working on getting back to that, since living with so many different people have thrown me WAY off course in those terms, if I just lived alone all my problems would be solved. Alas, that is not for me (being married and all, it might be weird if I lived by my self)
  • Start saving for a home
Lastly, and unfortunately kind of leastly. Although we do want to own our own home, we have other monetary goals we want to meet first, and we're kind of picky about where we want to live. So that means this is a long, long term goal (several years) but we want to start saving now so that we are ready for it.

Quite a list yes? I think there are 9 resolutions in total. Those near the top are ones I want to do badly or think I can do realistically. Whew. So there you have it, I'll let know you my progress in a month or so. What about you?


  1. Very inspiring goals! I can see you fulfilling many I them in the near future. :) I definitely want to check out that Suze Orman book, too!

    Maybe we can help keep eachother accountable? These were my New Years intentions:
    1. Work out 3x per week
    2. Complete the blueprint cleanse (done!)
    3. Take an art class
    4. Run a full 5k (without walking)
    5. Take a girls trip this summer

    Join me for number 5?

    1. Depends on where and for how long, my summers tend to be booked! :)

  2. It would have to be just a weekend trip for me... We'll have to talk about it with the ladies!