Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Funday... sort of.

Well, it started well enough, but I quickly found that putting the finishing touches on my purse was going to be difficult. Notice it's monday now? Yeah, I worked for a good 3 hours yesterday before heading over to my padres for dinner and the Oscars and still didn't finish.

I've used this pattern before, and opted for a different version this time (I went for the upper right as circled in red above.)

I started this purse last weekend as a leisurely pursuit, and it's turning into a ball of stress I want to hurl out the window! For starters, it's very difficult to find fold-over braid, because they don't sell it like that and it goes by names like "poly fold over" and what have you.  So after deciding to buy regular braid and iron a fold in my self I discovered that the gusset whats noting to do with it. (joy)

 Oy vey, I'm taking a break for the rest of the week from it and will resume work after my birthday next monday! Hopefully I will have an epiphany before then and it will be a slice of cake! Until then I guess I will continue to work on projects to sell in my shop...

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