Sunday, August 10, 2014

Like I said…

I might be gone for a while, sorry! Running a pool is a rough business during the summer, and even though I'm not top dog this year I'm still running the place (helping the boss man that is). So I've been working at the pool during the day and hanging with my lady in the mean time. I also had family in town, and will be helping move my grandma in the coming weeks so I'll be pretty busy.
However, I have managed to squeeze some craft time in now and again (mostly thanks to my stitchin' pal Robin). 

I made this nifty earbud pouch for my mans birthday. I used this tutorial, and I have to say it was easy! And let's go ahead and pretend that it's a perfect circle shall we? I'm still working on my curves… speaking of which:

I started my next pillow sham (used this tut' kind of. I may have traced it form my lappy screen because it refused to print. Maybe.). That's it in all it's pieced glory waiting to be quilted. I'm liking these blocks that turn into things. I may make a whole quilt on day. We shall see. 

I also have got some sock knitting in. These are Little Minx in Rock Candy Sock Ease. It's my first attempt at 2 at a time, and they have since been moved onto different sets of needles because I could just bit come to terms with the side seams. COULD. NOT. But besides that I am liking the pattern very much!

This week I went on a craft date (with the previously mentioned friend) sans baby! It was only for an hour or so, and it was a new boba shop that we're not sure we'll go back to, but had fun none the less!

And lastly I joined my first swap! Oh yes I did! So depending on how this goes I may decide to join more. I was able to snag a spot in the CuppaKim Mug Swap 2014! I'm totally stoked on it, and am enjoying the challenge of what to get my partner and what goodies I should put in her mug! I will hopefully keep you up-to-date, but let's be honest: there are 3 more weeks where the pool owns me, so you probably won't hear from me until then! (PS: Shout out to my swapper! Hope this blog o'mine helps you out!)

Hope your summer has been as fun as mine! :)

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