Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I've finally gone out and got some yarn to match some lovely knit picks gloss in guava I bought with my sweater yarn (because I needed a few more things to qualify for free shipping... and I'd rather my money be spent on yarn than that!) But before I do anything, I have to wind it up into a ball. Which I've never done on anything but remnants, but I did some pokey-poking around the interwebs and found this!


I can totally do that! And so I did. And it took awhile. But it's my first, and with that comes a level of perfection I'm not likely to see in future wound yarn balls made by me:

I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Although, I did try to make it center pull but somewhere in the process I lost that end.... oh well. All long as it isn't a loop of doom threatening to tangle I'm cool.

I'm pairing the lovely guava up with some cool grey I found whilst poking around the yarn section at Michael's. It's Loops & Thread sock yarn, stupid soft and only $2.99 for 600+ yd or something ridiculous! I'm am super excited to get started on these suckas! (and these too!)

What are you working on?

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