Friday, April 5, 2013

What a week

Like most cats, Charlie thinks everything we bring home is his if it's left out. Reusable shopping bags are usually his choice, but this tie he settled on a present for mis padres. Guess I have to wash it first now.

Anyhoo, this week has been a doosie. That WIP I shared with you Wednesday I though would have more of my WIP included, but this week has been a busy, hard and tiring one for me.

Why you say? Well, let me explain a little about my job so that this week makes more sense. I work as a Manager at a pool. As far as my title goes, that's it. But in reality I'm more of an assistant manager with the ability to do my supervisors job if need be (say, she went on vacation or got sick) So during the off season (usually mid-September/October-May; hurray So cal weather!) I get limited hours because I'm a part-time employee, and while Dec/Jan really suck, I usually manage the rest just fine. Since I work for a municipality that has more than 1 pool the auditors decide every so often that the big wig managers need to swap every few years or so, so they don't get complacent in their job or do bad things. On top of that, people in my position as asst. managers usually get moved every 1-2 years depending on hoe reliable, hard working and good at their job they are. Some of us even have specialized skills, and they move to locations where that is needed (I'm the swim lesson queen, so I go where lessons need help/are super important).

So now that you know a bit more about my job, let me tell you why my week has been insane. This happens to be a year where not only is everyone moving locations, but some people have left leaving spots open for promotion. So some people are moving up while others are just moving. I'm one of the later, my transfer went through last week and I'm officially at a bigger, busier location with a lot of quirks. Also, both the old manager and the new manager of the facility are filling in for higher-ups this week. This is also the week they were supposed to swap. See where I'm going? Since Tuesday (Monday was a holiday for us! woohoo!) I have been getting double the duties from both managers. They aren't here hardly at all, so I've been making phone calls, fixing schedules writing schedules, getting coverage for unknown reasons, and also teaching classes I'm not certified to teach because there isn't anyone else too. And tot op it off, I've been going into work at 6am (thanks crazy people who have to swim before work) and leaving around 3:34/4-ish. 9+ hour  days are my favorite! (They actually don't normally bother me, but I'm clearly over worked this week)

So I've been waking up way earlier than usual, taking on the responsibilities of 2 supervisors jobs, and also trying to learn how a new facility runs. So that is way my projects have been lacking. I promise they are there, I just haven't had the energy to work on them. :( 

But today and tomorrow are my last crazy days, then I can rest a little, with a more normal schedule. Yay! At least I'm making tons of money right now. :) Thanks for listening to my rant, I hope your Friday is more relaxing than mine!

someone is happy I'm home this morning:)

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