Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions- April Update

Here is how I'm doing so far:  (PST! Don't forget I would love to hear from you about your own goals (resolution or not) and your progress as well, so that we can help each other stick to it!) So here it is, my list of things I want to accomplish this year and how I am going about it:
  • Knit a sweater
I bought this pattern, bought my yarn (I chose Lilac) 

I am almost done with the top shaping! (I know it's not the best photo, but I was halfway through a row when I had to run out the door this morning!)

I am so happy with how it's turning out so far! I like the yarn a lot, so soft and it glides on my needled effortlessly! 

You may see more sweaters in the future if this is how the whole thing goes, but we will see where I am in a month!

I am almost onto the 3rd of 11 skeins of yarn. Never have I ever used so many in one project!
  • Get this blog consistent traffic
This is a work in progress. As you know I opened the Facebook page. I've also set up accounts on twitter and flickr,  and I plan on using my personal accounts for Pinterest and Instagram too.I am having a bit of trouble remembering to use some of those places for more than browsing and personal use... but at least I got them started. I'm starting to believe I'm trying to do too much too fast, so I might actually hold off on trying to push those other venues and focus on this here blog and shop. I mean, I haven't even added links over on the side bar yet!
  • Sell 6 projects on Esty or elsewhere 
Adding to the 1 sale in January, I have another Shark Towel in the works and I made my first ever Etsy sale last month! Totally stoked! I need to update that store with more stuff, but I've been working on birthdays and such... it's a busy time of year for me! At least I'm killing 2 birds with one stone, some of the presents I'm making are prototypes for items I will eventually sell in my shop!
  • Learn to cross stitch
Still working on it. I am no closer than last time.
  • Buy a car
We had an interesting turn of events in this vein... and they happened this morning! Turns out my parents might be buy a new car too, making John and I the beneficiaries of their used vehicle. SCORE! We need to hash out the details, but lets just say my parents take good care of their vehicles and do not want any of them out of the family anytime soon...
  • Help patrons in Spanish
I've now been using Rosetta Stone for a few weeks and I love it so far! Yes it's expensive, but my mom want halvsies with me (It's a goal for her as well) so it wasn't as bad. And I got it on sale. :) I am having a hard time remember to sign on and do the lessons, but the few i have are helping immensely. Bilinguality, here I come!
  • Schedule my time effectively
 Being your own boss? Way harder than it sounds. I'm used to have a defined job description or a supervisor that it is a continuing struggle to keep myself on task and motivated. And I do not supervise myself well. Work in progress.
  • Get back in working order
This is in line with scheduling my time effectively, I am not good at being my own boss. Due to some personal stuff I've gone easy on this section, but I feel I am doing better. My goal for this next month is to make sure all dishes are done on time, and when I do laundry it gets put away immediately and not sit in the hamper getting covered in kitty fur. (Someone thinks it's his hammock.)

  • Start saving for a home
Another one that has had some interested changes. While we are still not currently looking at homes to buy my dad has agreed to look into some first time home buyer incentives and see if we are a good match for any of them. So who knows? Maybe we will get a house this year, anything can happen!

There is the laundry list of goals for myself... I am actually quite happy with the progress! What do you think? How are your goals coming?

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