Friday, March 29, 2013

Grand Opening!

Yup! My Facebook page is finally open for business! (Even though some sneaky fools found it already!) so please, go like my page and tell your friends! I need all the help I can get!

And in celebration of finally letting the world see my biz on Facebook, I have a brief, fashion related tutorial-ette if you will: what is did to make some cute shoes even cuter!!

Here they began:

And here they ended:

Nothing too dramatic eh? But let me tell you, the comfort factor was worth it! And it only took me all of 5 min to do both shoes!

It's simple, all you need is some elastic in a coordinating color, and the right width to go with the eyelets of your shoes (mine was 1/8")

Lace it through your desired pattern (I only had 4 eyelets, so my combos were limited) and then cut and extra 1-2" longer than you need.

Next, you lay the two ends together, making sure to leave enough ease for moving around (I did have to redo one, since both feet are rarely the exact size) and secure them together. Use pins, tape, paper clips, glue; whatever works for you. Then sew!!! Since I used black, I went to. Town, overlapping, whip stitching, back stitching, you name it! Until you are sure they won't burst on you while walking.

Cut elastic as close as you dare to the stitching and voila, no more bulky laces! Your welcome!

Do you have any quick and easy fixes?

Happy Friday!

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